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The Black Samurai

The Black Samurai is a true story set in the 16th Century of Feudal Japan. Yasuke was an African man who traveled from far (Mozambique) to be honored with respect in a culture of discipline and moral codes. The Black Samurai is a Japanese folk-evoking theater with music, authentic dance, taiko drumming; film score-like underscores, war fight choreography, and celebration; all put in a dramatic story setting. 

BOOK is available upon request. Potential venue: LaMama

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Reflections is a musical theatre piece about the transgender experience. The story is based on lyricist Vince Gau's (BDF alumni) life and personal experience. We are writing this piece of art to help people understand what anybody, who decides to transition, has to go through emotionally. The self-doubt, the confusion, the fear, the loneliness, the physical and verbal abuse, the prejudice, and misperception. An inspiring story about discovering who we are and how we can be that person without being afraid or often ashamed.

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d'ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical - IN CONCERT

A concert version of the Audio Theater Experience released in 2020. With a cast of 20 and a 14-piece orchestra, I'd like to bring this semi-staged production to life for a one-night-only concert somewhere in NY (e.g. Bryant Park - I've been in contact with them about the idea and they're interested. Also, SONY HALL expressed its interest in co-producing a stage version of the show. 

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d'ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical - Las Vegas

Fully staged production in Las Vegas. The Houdini Museum is helping connect me with illusionists and investors such as David Copperfield. 

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14 Days That Changed The World (Song Cycle)

According to Yuval Noah Harari’s book “Sapiens”, the cognitive revolution started because: what distinguishes humans from animals is the need for social activities. 

“14 Days That Changed The World” leads us through history how from discovering fire we ended up living in faceless social media. 14 major events that drastically affected our lives and determined who we are today and where we are. Each chapter will be performed from a viewer’s opinion ( a someone who was there, or heard something, or saw something). Narration is secondary, it’s about intriguing thoughts, and raising philosophical questions (a la Joni Mitchell). Some songs are instrumental, some vocal, some a cappella. 



Silent Movie Music Competition

I'd like to creative produce a talent show like AGT. It would be an open call to all pianists and solo musicians who’d like to participate. Participants will have to improvise on stage to a previously unrevealed (or revealed) movie scene streamed against the curtain. It is a competition in front of a live audience and a professional jury who will evaluate the candidates based on creativeness, improvisation technique, real time reaction underscoring and musicality. In addition to that, the audience can vote for their favorites as well. Conncetion needed to NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, FOX etc. to pitch the idea. An amazing example below. 

Where We Rush To Disappear (PLAY - short movie)

The play will be produced in November 2022 in New York by Pressure Players. 

“Where We Rush To Disappear” paints the impact of smartphones on our daily lives from both sides; the advantages and disadvantages. Because it’s clearly not just one-sidedly superfluous, we seem to have forgotten how to be in the moment, enjoy one another's company, or appreciate human conversations.

“Where We Rush To Disappear” invites us into the lives of two families over the course of one day. 

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