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Flying Chairs LLC is a company that represents and licenses Mr. Varga's work around the world. It is involved in licensing for professional productions, regional theater productions, school productions, concerts, television, film, merchandising, music publishing and recording.  

For inquiries, please contact us at (Worldwide)
d'ILLUSION: (Exclusive)

TOBE Art Productions:​ (Hungary)
Theater Works:

d' ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical 

As Erik (Houdini) strives for the top, his pernicious obsession to prove that

ordinary people can do extraordinary things grows exponentially to the point

where danger is no longer just an illusion. Albeit every sign uproariously warns

him to reconsider his decisions in life, his desideratum to become “someone”

outgrows him.

When he has his last chance to restore everything, he realizes that his mission

must be to set an example of passion, self-belief, discipline and to continue his

life-long commitment. 

Erik tenaciously continues his path and accepts his fate that although people

will possibly remember him as the greatest, he let the most important thing

disappear around him: life.



Where We Rush To Disappear (a play with music in 1 act)

“Where We Rush To Disappear” paints the impact of smartphones on our daily

lives from both sides; the advantages and disadvantages. Because it’s clearly not

just one-sidedly superfluous, nevertheless we seem to have forgot how to be in

the moment, to enjoy one another’s company or appreciate human conversations.

It tells the story of 4 people over the course of one day. A mother and her son;

a father and his daughter. What is their relationship, and how are they all

connected in a disconnected world of smartphones and apps? Why is that one day

so important for all of them? (underscore: Little Tales Of New York by Mr. Varga)


Gailley And The Tale Of The Fate Keeper (Musical)


of Gailley, the Dathúil Princess of  the Kingdom of Kilgnommen.

Loosely based on Oedipus, this visionary fairy tale explores the

advantages and disadvantages of knowing one’s future. An infant princess, Gailley,

is given a prediction by the blind sorcerer, Magus. She is destined to murder her

father. Gailley’s mother chooses her husband over Gailley and calls for Gailley’s death.

Unbeknownst to the kingdom, Magus will stop at nothing to ensure his prophecies

come to fruition. So, with his reputation on the line, Magus intervenes and Gailley

is transported to the human realm.

Years pass, and Gailley faces the reality of aging out of a broken foster system with

nowhere to turn. Through a series of planned accidents and unlikely coincidences,

Gailley finds her way back to her homeland where Magus manipulates her into

fulfilling her destiny.


The White Witch Of Rosehall (a voodoo musical)

The White Witch of Rosehall is a tale of voodoo, romance and passion, based in
historical fact, with a thrilling story and a melodic, reggae-influenced score.
It’s a coming-of-age tale set against a background of mystery and horror where
pride is treacherous, love is deadly and black magic is very real

Coming Soon:

Reflections - a musical

A story about a  19 - year old transgender man. This story is not only moving
and relevant but would help people understand what anybody who decides to
transition has to go through emotionally. The self-doubt, the confusion, the
fear, the loneliness, the physical and verbal abuse, the prejudice and
An inspiring story about discovering who we really are and how we can be that
person without being afraid or often ashamed.

Why Don't I Have A Girlfriend? (musical)

The award winning show is soon to be released for licensing. 
IT guy Sam navigates a night club instead of his computer for once, searching
desperately for a date. Faced with every stereotype under the disco ball and
armed with nothing but a Coca-Cola, Sam must squash his fears tonight or
face a lifetime of utter rejection.

Speechless (a mute-sical)

A story about a young Eastern - European Gypsy mute boy. 

How do get people to hear us in this loud world of cacophony, 

where no one listens? 

The music is inspired by the famous Gypsy recording guitar artist, 
Django Reinhardt. 

Other Works:

Little Tales Of New York (Sheet music available for purchase)

Digital format (PDF) $29.99


How To Play Guitar Chords On Piano (textbook available for purchase)

d'ILLUSION: The Houdini Musical (Piano Vocal Score - Highlights)

Digital format (PDF) $29.99

We also recommend: 

Hypatia And The Heathens (musical)

Alexandria, Egypt 392 CE: a bustling, multicultural city where people of
every race and religion flock to contribute to the advancement of
humanity. At its center stands it’s crowning glory: the Library of
Alexandria. But all great civilizations must come to an end. As instability
rises throughout the empire, all that stands between the light of
knowledge and the dark ages is one rebel librarian you’ve probably
never heard of. Until now.

O.REX (play with music)

Step back in time to the era of 1940's black & white film noir and into the
nightclub of Theban club owner and underworld "Kingpin" Oedipus Rex
(the unwitting detective to a murder he doesn't even know he's committed!).
In O.REX, Film Noir meets Greek Tragedy to create a new hybrid,
"Greek-Noir," in GIA FORAKIS & COMPANY'S new translation of
Sophocles' famous tragic drama.
Once Upon A Time (Cabaret Concert)
A fun concert of our favorite Disney songs reimagined, re-arranged
and re-orchestrated with a "little bit of a story". What are the ingredients of our 
beloved tales? Ursula, Hercules, Mushu and Jasmine will tell you. 
Songs from Hercules, Mulan, Pocahontas, Hunchback of
Notre Dame, Tarzan, Tangled and many more. Book, Piano Vocal Score of the
arrangements and Orchestration for a 9 - piece orchestra are available upon
(Keys, Drums / Perc, Guitar, Bass, Reed, Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Cello)
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