Created by Bálint Varga

Music & Book by Bálint Varga 

Lyrics by Azusa Fujikura



The Story

The Black Samurai is a true story set in the 16th Century of Feudal Japan. Yasuke was an African man who traveled from far (Mozambique) to be honored with respect in a culture of discipline and moral codes; the samurai culture where the way of living and exiting life have the utmost importance. The cultural differences create a lot of conflicts for Yasuke at first, but the gap starts slowly fading away and he recognizes the opportunity to become free in the world where men treat each other with humility. 


The Black Samurai is a folk evoking theater with music, authentic dance, taiko drumming, filmscore-like underscores, war fight choreography and celebration; all put in a dramatic story setting. 


The Song [ Bushidō]

Bushidō (武士道, "the way of the warrior” WARRIOR WAY) is a moral code concerning samurai attitudes. Sincerity, frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery and honor until death allowed the violent existence of the samurai to be tempered by wisdom, patience and serenity.

It was shameful for any man to die without having risked his life in battle. 


The song is The Black Samurai’s main theme. During Act 1, he fights for his freedom both morally and physically. The rough life makes him skeptical, cynical and tough. After meeting Nobunaga and being invited to join the lord’s samurai army, he realizes that the Boshido can provide him honor and purpose in life. It is his great chance to become a free man and not just ceasing from being seen as a slave but also being treated as a human being.


Eventually this decision launches a series of events. He’ll find love in a Japanese woman, he’ll fight alongside his friend/mentor Nobunaga and build a life that will have made history. 

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