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About the show

Yasuke, The Black Samurai is a  theater experience incorporating Japanese folk theater, songs, dance, poetry, fight-choreography, taiko drumming, film score music; all together in a dramatic story setting.

The Story

The Black Samurai is a true story set in the 16th Century of Feudal Japan. Yasuke was an African man torn from his home country of Mozambique and brought to Japan to be honored with respect in a culture known for its discipline and moral codes. He discovered the Samurai culture where the way of living and exiting life has the utmost significance. Though cultural differences create many conflicts for Yasuke at first, the gap starts slowly fading away as he recognizes his true potential in a world where men treat each other with honor. 

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Coming Soon

This material is the proprietary property of Bálint Varga, Azusa Fujikura and Joe Barros.

All rights reserved.

No portion of it may be performed, distributed, reproduced, used, quoted or published without prior written permission.


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