Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Balint is a NY based theater composer, writer, theater artist whose work centers around human relationships and natures observing the individual’s complexity and desires that makes us human and vulnerable. Balint is known for exploring themes in a vast array of forms and musical styles. While traveling and working around the world over the years, he was encountered by many cultural influences, sounds, joy, celebrations and people. His music is influenced by THE PEOPLE, NY underground brass ensemble, Gypsy music, great American filmscores, world ethnic music, Afro-Cuban jazz, but also Russian romanticism. Strong melodies, complex harmonic structures, modern sound effects and grooves are the pillar of my art.

He started playing piano at age 4. When he turned 17 he moved to Paris where he started his first professional work at the Bastille Opera House. First he graduated from Béla Bartók Conservatory, later he moved to America and studied composition and conducting at Berklee College of Music. After graduation he settled in NYC (interesting fact: he also holds a BA degree for business communication and studied psychology). 

As a teaching artist he’s worked at Broadway Dreams to train the next generation of theater performers for music. He performed at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Symphony Hall, Birdland, Bastille Opera House, 54 Below. He’s recipient of the Charles Mayer Grant, finalist of the Jonathan Larson Award, recipient of US Green card for extraordinary ability based on his achievement in his field. Furthermore he's a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and the Lehman Engel BMI Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop. 

Balint also collaborated on Broadway workshops such as Elton John’s Tammy Faye or Jim Steinman’s Bat Out Of Hell, and on Mariah Carey’s Christmas show, Josh Groban's Impossible Dream and Forest Whitaker’s Benefit Concert. Commissions: Gia Forakis Company, Peculiar Project Works, Tobe Art Productions. 

Ongoing projects: d'ILLUSION - The Houdini Musical, Reflections, Where We Rush To Disappear, Gailley and the Tale of the Fate Keeper, Hypatia and the Heathens.